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For those of you that haven’t been actively involved in watching Cricket over the past 5 years the game has changed dramatically during this period with the introduction of the Decision Review System (DRS). This involves using 3 different types of technology to help officiating of the game in two major areas as follows;
1) LBW via Ball-Tracking-Technology
2) Fine Edge detection (ball-on-bat-or-ball-on-glove) via Infrared imaging or audio based detection
Our company, BBG Sports provides the most effective solution for faint-adge-detection as we combine our Hot Spot and Real-Time-Snickometer (RTS) technologies in order to present two different opinions for fine-edge-detection decision making.
Over the past 5 years, we have said publicly on several occasions that neither of our technologies are 100% perfect.  Under certain conditions, Hot Spot can be more appropriate than RTS and on other occasions RTS can be the more conclusive. What I do know for certain is that the combination of both products give decision makers the very best opportunity to make correct decisions…..a little bit like going to a doctor and getting an ultrasound followed by an MRI to diagnose a medical situation.
The Synergy of Hot Spot & Real Time Snicko