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BBG Sports have been involved in developing radar and speed measurement solutions for sporting events for over ten years. Our primary area of expertise in this field is in the sport of cricket.
Channel 9 in Australia used BBG Sports to develop a solution for their coverage of cricket in 1998. The result was the highly visible and respected "Toyota Speedgun".
Sky Sports in the UK uses the BBG Sports radar for their cricket coverage of Natwest Series, NPower Test matches andall domestic matches.
Over the past 9 years, various other broadcasters and venues around the world have used the BBG Sports radar in their coverage of the game of cricket. The technology has been used in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Zimbarbwe, Kenya and Bangladesh.
In 2003, Octagon (as host broadcaster) contracted BBG Sports to provide radar services at the Cricket World Cup in South Africa. Five systems were deployed to the African continent and it was here that Shaoib Akhtar recorded the first legal delivery over 100 mph (160.9 km/h) in Pakistan's match against England in Cape Town (February 22, 2003).